Buy Birds and bird supplies for sale in Woodland Hills, CA

Yellow head amazon baby 7week hand feeding $1500 Loro doble cabeza amarilla amazon baby para darle de comer en el pico todav a 7 semanas de nacido$1500 Red head amazon parrots 4week $850 Loro de cabeza roja 4 semanas de nacido 850$ Green cheeck pineapple conure $275 tamed Cotorro green cheeck conure pineapple mansito$$275 cacat as cara blan .
Turquoise conure babies 2 months old. They are hand tamed and friendly. Female. Call 818 579 5129 .


Baby love birds for sale $45 each or two for $80. .
Galah cockatoo handfeed $1600 .
Bourkes $80 Scarlets $150 Turquoisines $150 .
Baby African grey parrot, they are now fully weaned and ready to go to there forever homes.African Grey, Male, Female, Large, $600.00 872-701-0865,, CONTACT US BY TEXT 872-701-0865,,CONTACT US BY TEXT 872-701-0865 .
Red factor male, not a pet breeder only .
African Grey, $800.00.............. 872-701-0865 call or text,(872) 701-0865 .
Yellow face amazon pair DNA young pair, perfect condition .


Young canaries, born 2017 Prices vary depending on color & sex American Singers Cages available .
Want To Buy a Pair Of Golden Conure, or if you have singles let me know, Top $ Paid , Freddy :) .
Baby rosy bourke parakeet being hand fed will be ready in about 3 weeks or you can take and finish yourself. Asking $125 .
Want To Buy a Hyacinth Macaw, Top $ Paid .
Bourke parakeets for sale, $75, also have babies being hand fed take now or I finish asking $125. .
Baby Congo African Grey Babies are available. DNA sexed males and females. I provide lots of advice and support to help you make a perfect home for your new family member. Taking deposits now, and I will finish weaning the birds for you. Please call 214 506 7453 for more information.can ship via United and Delta. .


6 weeks still needs to be hand feed few more weeks. Super tamed .
All Hand fed babys, super tame, many to choose from $350 each .
The African grey parrot is an Old World parrot in the family Psittacidae. The Timneh parrot was earlier treated as a subspecies but has since been elevated to a full species,YOU CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT US BY TEXT OR CALL 8727010865, TEXT OR CALL 8727010865 .
Beautiful baby African grey. Start bonding with your baby. Smart and very talkative. From 3 weeks old babies. Available only to experienced hand feeding Calls only no texts or emails thanks 8183509062 .
Say hello cherry the beautiful female talking cockatiel , 7 months old , she whistles a couple of sounds, and dances beautifully , and knows how to say her name , this is just the beginning , talking cocatiels are rare and auto of every 300 to 500 one you find with ability to talk , .
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